When we talk about quality we are not defining an abstract and subjective concept. We are referring to the fact that we pass a series of audits and controls that certify it.

Llusar Quality

We comply with the IFS and BRC food safety and quality control standards, collaborating every year with the Valencian consulting company Intercoop.

In Llusar we work with Intercoop Consultoria so that the management and food safety processes are always taken care of, under the highest quality standards.

Our entire production process, from the moment the fruit arrives at the warehouse from the field in the truck until it ends up packed in its box to be sent to the markets, is divided into small processes that must be regulated.

All these protocols have to be written and shaped. No aspect of citrus handling can be left out.

That is why we work under the two most reputable standards in the industry, IFS and BRC.

At Llusar we want to be close to you

IFS Standard

This standard controls the production pratice in food processing and packaging.

International Featured Standards (IFS), formerly called International Food Standards, is an organization that is responsible for developing standards in production and distribution processes in the food sector.

Among the standards published by this organization, the most common is the current IFS Food. It is a standard that controls food processing and/or packaging process. It applies to the entire supply chain of distributors of “own” products, excluding the agricultural sector.

It guarantees the safety of the brand they sell. IFS helps to meet all legal and statutory requirements in terms of health and safety. It also provides clarity and transparency to customers, suppliers and society at large. It provides a unique guarantee.


BRC Standard

It enables retailers to meet their legal obligations in terms of food safety and protects the consumer.

British Retail Consortium, BRC,

is an international organization created in the United Kingdom that develops international food and retail standards.

Its aim is to help retailers meet their legal food safety obligations while protecting the consumer.

It provides organizations with a clear method to measure the safety of their products and gives confidence to their customers.

The BRC Standard standardizes quality and safety, facilitates compliance with legal obligations and provides operational criteria. 

At Llusar we want to be close to you

Quality at source

Throughout the year we supervise the plantations to select the best quality fruit from the tree. In order to obtain the best end product, the highest standards must be met.

Our company has traditionally had an exporting vocation, commercializing both products from our own farms and from local growers. We have always been citrus producers and exporters, selecting at origin and setting the highest standards to offer a quality product, a fruit that is compact and juicy inside and shiny and smooth on the outside.

Today we are extending our distribution network in Spain and France so that the brand reaches more people. We want to get closer to your local store so you can enjoy our citrus fruits.


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