At Llusar we have always made our fruit in a special way, taking care of the packaging to give it the value we have always thought it has.

Oranges or chocolates

A shopkeeper in Paris many years ago commented that our boxes of mandarins, more than fruit, were like boxes of chocolates because of the way we present them. And he was right.

In today’s society, companies tend to subordinate profits to production costs. The idea is to optimize the manufacturing processes to the maximum by cutting tasks and functions so that the final performance is higher and the results of the operations offer higher returns. 

At llusar we pack the fruit according to the customer’s requirements and the quality of the product. We work with different packaging so that each distributor can choose his own.

At Llusar we want to be close to you

Llusar products

There are hundreds of varieties of citrus fruits grown all over the world. Of these, only a few dozen are commercially attractive.


At Llusar we invest time and effort to try to bring to your home the ones we consider the most delicious. Oranges, mandarins and clementines.

There are many varieties of citrus fruits. Some are young and others are old plants. At Llusar we grow and produce only the best in each segment.

Table oranges, navels and navelates, clementines clemenvillas, oronul and orris or nadorcott mandarins. In each place we plant suitable rootstocks, we take care of them with patience and care until the third year we study their performance. We patiently observe their evolution until we see how they adapt to the climate and the soil that hosts them. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Each step requires a lot of investment and work, but we like to do it. Agriculture will never be an exact science.

Nothing is left to chance

The companies that supply us with the materials used to make the packaging take great care to obtain the best quality produce. 

Food Safety regulations impose strict conditions to ensure that the fruit arrives at its destination in perfect condition for consumption. Part of this responsibility falls on the quality of the different materials used in the packaging.

At Llusar, we make sure that all our suppliers offer a high degree of exigency that we know they comply with in recyclable materials. Burlap sacks, banding and double channel cardboard for boxes, organic inks, silk paper for wrapping oranges and special paper for shirts, natural wood trays, wooden pallets and labels. 

We leave no stone unturned. Nothing is left to chance.


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