Working since 1926


The origins of the Antonio Llusar Company go back to the twenties of the last century, when Mr. Antonio Llusar Guinot and his brothers forged the family business selling citrus fruits in the heart of Paris, in the area outside the pavilions of the old market of Les Halles, the place traditionally destined to the sale of fruits and vegetables.


Later, after a family split, Mr. Antonio Llusar Guinot continued the business alone, moving to Almenara (Castellón), from where he focused his activity on the Spanish market. His son, Mr. Antonio Llusar Forner, joined the family business at a very young age, in the late forties, taking over the management of sales in the Valladolid market.


In the fifties, Mr. Antonio Llusar Forner took over the management of the company. In 1968 it moved its activity from the old warehouse in Almenara to a new fruit and vegetable plant located in the town of La Vilavella. In the following years it managed to resume export activity and consolidate its position in the European market.


Later, with the incorporation of Mr. Antonio Llusar Forner’s sons to the business, the company started a new venture, beginning a period of remarkable expansion. In October 1996, the company acquired a new, much larger warehouse in the town of Chilches, where its current headquarters are located, also maintaining the work center in La Vilavella.


These last years have been exciting, with the Llusar brothers at the head, Javier in the field management, Antonio as responsible for the financial management and Jorge in the executive management, Llusar has positioned itself as one of the major references in the sector. 


2021 has been a turning point for the company. With this new energy we plan to face the coming years with our sights set on leading the citrus market. This has just begun. Our great little story is still alive.


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