Our fruit, oranges, tangerines and clementines, will always be selected so that when arriving at your home you will enjoy it intensely.

The taste of the land

Each orange, each mandarin that we grow is the result of a natural process that the biology of the planet has been evolving. In Llusar we have only taken care of it, we have let it reach its full potential. Its juice and its fiber.

Each piece of fruit is a burst of flavor. The fresh pulp with orange segments full of vitamins and minerals. Overflowing with orange liquid, the exact degree of acidity and the necessary sweetness for every time you have it in your mouth you have to close your eyes. These are the mandarins and oranges that we offer. They are not pictures. They are the true purity of this ancient gift that the earth gives us.

At Llusar we want to be close to you


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