Transporting fruit
To be a haulier you have to like the road. It's a job that takes up many hours away from the family. They are special people.


It is very likely that you have crossed paths with a truck loaded with fruit from Llusar while traveling on the road.



Being haulier requires a self-sacrificing attitude, a calm disposition, and a willingness to spend days in the loneliness of the road, leaving the family at home. They make it possible for the fruit to get from the field to the warehouse and from there to the market. They travel day and night, hot or cold. It doesn’t matter. They go from one place to another waiting for the goods to be loaded or unloaded to start the same process again, another trip but in the opposite direction. They do it with infinite patience.



They are essential people to whom we are always grateful for their dedication. In Llusar we work with reliable companies with many years of relationship. We know they will never let us down.



Some of them have a companion who makes the waiting time more pleasant.

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