The collection
Cutting each piece of fruit from the orange tree one by one until it fills a basket, a truck, is an enormous task that demands great physical effort.

Harvesting the fruit is the culmination of the citrus growing process. After a year observing how they grow in each of the fields scattered throughout the country, it is time to cut the oranges.

It is a process that has to be done on time, waiting for the right desired point of acidity and sweetness. It will always be a complex decision, but our staff members have the experience and knowledge to know which is the right moment.

Logistics plays a massive role. Sometimes the fields are in accessible places and sometimes they are more rugged. You have to assemble the harvesting crew at very short notice. You have to locate the field exactly on the map. The haulier must be notified to drop off the empty crates and then take them loaded with mandarins to be weighed and taken to the warehouse, where the crates and fruit will be washed and stored in the chambers awaiting their turn to be packed.

If you have ever cut an orange with pliers you will have noticed that it is not that easy. Imagine cutting one by one to fill the bins requires a lot of skill and dexterity. And every day many kilos of fruit arrive. A mammoth task. A great physical effort.

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