Selecting the fruit
The human factor is fundamental to decide at each moment which farm has the best quality fruit to be harvested.

A company like ours has commitments and obligations that must always be fulfilled. Clients expect us to serve them every day because they in turn have to serve their consumers. This is the system in which we all operate, some as customers and others as clients. That is why we can never disappoint and we have to respond to the orders that come in every day to supply the European markets.

Agriculture depends to a large extent on the weather and seasonal conditions, totally unpredictable factors that can ruin a whole year’s work. A hailstorm, a frost, a heavy storm, rain for many days. Too many.

To minimize these risks and comply with this premise, at Llusar we have had to relocate plantations in order to always be able to serve our customers. And in each location we have people in charge of supervising the whole process. 

They are members of our team trained and with the necessary capacity to ensure that everything goes as planned.

They are the key.

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