Agricultural technicians
The management and control of the crops to produce the best quality fruit is the fundamental piece in the process.

One of the main arguments that define Llusar today is its excellent staff of engineers and crop managers. Throughout the last few years we have been incorporating new and highly trained people who have been growing until we have achieved this brilliant team.

Agricultural engineering combines science and technology; knowledge in botany, hydrology and irrigation, ecology, zoology and plant genetics, meteorology, phytopathology, entomology, environmental management and computer data analysis. 

With the growth of the company, our technicians have to control farms and land in different locations. Their input is extremely necessary for optimal and profitable production in each of the plantations. It is not an easy task since we have many varieties of oranges, clementines and mandarins, each one of them growing in a different land, with particular scenarios and with ages ranging from new seedlings to old trees over forty years old.

The work of direction, control and management of workers and technicians, supervision and logistics of each of the operations, provisioning of resources and harvest planning, requires a great effort and our team fulfills its task to perfection.


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