Occupational Safety
Protecting the health of the people who work in Llusar implies a great joint effort that goes through the rigorous observation of the norms.

This past year and the one we are in, have been complex for all of us. In our case we belong to the food sector and we are considered as essential workers, and we have working harder. Here everyone has pulled together and we have taken forward the pallets loaded with fruit that have been arriving to the markets.

In llusar we have to comply with very strict legislation on occupational safety that has been increased by the pandemic, so we have had to increase even more if possible, the protection for all people. 

We are many people in a space and it is not always easy to manage uncomfortable measures that affect the already demanding tasks. Taking care of each member of staff while respecting their rights so that at the end of the day they can go home to rest without any problems. But we are fortunate to have competent workers who know how to cope with the situation with good humor. It is not easy.

Without this team nothing would be possible. So we would like to thank them.

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