Like boxes of chocolates
We pack the fruit as our parents taught us, with care and delicacy as it has always been done, taking care of the presentation.

In Llusar we traditionally pack the fruit in a special way, so that it arrives at the store looking like a nice box of chocolates. A packaging made with great care and delicacy, one by one. This is how we were taught at the beginning of the last century and this is how we have continued to do it in this house. We know it is an extra time and an additional cost but we wouldn’t know how to do it any other way. We love to see the fruit so well dressed. 

We place the most desirable pieces of the highest quality on trays made of pinewood, on a paper liner overhanging the top of the sides, which serves to protect the sensitive rind from bumps and scratches. 

In the process, the packaging specialist fills in the box, stacking the fruit in layers. In the upper part we alternate with some pieces that we wrap with tissue paper with the design of the brand forming a drawing, the recognized illustration of the Llusar child made in 1946. 

To finish off the presentation we place on the top row a printed band of recyclable cardboard, a vintage seal that closes the box.

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