AI process control
With the implementation of a new data control system, we scan and monitor each piece of fruit.

The processes that have traditionally been used to store and pack fruit for export have evolved over the years.

Initially, in th early 1900’s, a completely manual system was used at the beginning, sorting was done by hand. Later, mechanical devices were incorporated to speed up the packing volume, although they depended on manual handling for their operation. All this changed with the entry into the computer industry, the Internet and the development of Artificial Intelligence. 

The evolution of this equipment today allows us to streamline this whole process to increase production while the system scans and monitors each fruit and reports all the information we need, from size, color and skin quality. All the data is processed in this Control Center.

At Llusar we continue to monitor all incoming oranges and mandarins because we want everything to be as perfect as possible.

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