Traditionally the factory of a fruit exporting company has been called a warehouse because it was the place where all the fruit from the harvest was stored.

New times

In the past, the warehouse was the place where the fruit harvested from the fields was stored. In order to be able to export it gradually and to be able to supply the markets rationally.


Citrus fruits are non-climacteric fruits, they can only ripen on the plant and must be harvested at their optimum ripening time.

With the increase in production and market needs, citrus export companies have had to adapt in order to be able to supply the fruit that is harvested practically all at once.

Streamlining this process without affecting the quality of the fruit has not been easy. Over the years at Llusar we have been adapting the old processes to the new needs. The experience of the work teams and the new designs in specialized machinery dedicated to fruit production have been of great help to us.

At Llusar we want to be close to you


We are the set that forms the technological resources combined with the human capabilities of the people who make up the Llusar team. 

Bringing forward each Llusar fruit is a great daily challenge. Balancing the entry of the fruit from the field with the preparation and logistics of its delivery is a formula that requires a lot of strategy. Oranges are a perishable product that cannot be kept in stock. We have to manage an enormous quantity of pieces and prepare them for delivery at their optimum ripeness. Not before and not after.


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