The Llusar family have grown up among orange groves, like most of the inhabitants of this Valencian land. Since the end of the 19th century, our family has been transforming dry land into irrigated land to dedicate it to the cultivation and export of citrus fruits.

Treading the land

For those of us who love the countryside, working every day breathing fresh clean air and being able to walk on this fertile land is a good thing. 

The tasks we do on the farms are physically demanding. Crops need to be cared for throughout the year. The plants have to be healthy to flower properly so that the fruit can grow smoothly to maturity.

We protect the leaves from parasites and pests, keep the soil aerated, fresh and clear, prune the trees surgically so that they do not lose energy and harvest the fruit when time comes.

At Llusar we want to be close to you

Among orange trees

If you have never experienced a spring surrounded by orange trees in bloom, you are missing one of the sensory wonders that this Planet gives us.

Because each of our citrus groves has a special charm, a defined personality. A different orography, closer to the sea or inland, on the banks of a river or on a plain between two humid valleys. They show a specific profile of plants, more intense green colors accompanied by red lands with old orange groves or new fields of young plants. All of them always around a water source.

Our plantations are prepared with much of the technology available, for drip irrigation that is used to fertilize the soil effectively, with computer controlled applications with data that we get from the satellite, weather and temperature information, vital to know what you need at all times. 


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