In this space we tell you about the day-to-day life of Llusar, relevant aspects of our work and we keep you informed of current events.

Carlos Montiel

AI process control

With the implementation of a new data control system, we scan and monitor each piece of fruit.

Damian Quesada

Jordi Bieto’s Project

The architects have created a bright and functional space that facilitates the development of activities.


The collection

Cutting each piece of fruit from the orange tree one by one until it fills a basket, a truck, is an enormous task that demands great physical effort.


Like boxes of chocolates

We pack the fruit as our parents taught us, with care and delicacy as it has always been done, taking care of the presentation.

Damian Quesada

Occupational Safety

Protecting the health of the people who work in Llusar implies a great joint effort that goes through the rigorous observation of the norms.


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