The company Antonio Llusar y Cía, S.L. dates back to the 1920s, when Antonio Llusar Guinot and his brothers founded the family business selling citrus fruit at the old Les Halles market, in the heart of Paris.

Later Antonio Llusar Guinot continued the business alone and moved to Almenara (Castellón), where he concentrated on the Spanish market. His son, Antonio Llusar Forner, joined the family business in the 1940s as a young man, and took charge of sales management at the market in Valladolid.


Antonio Llusar Forner took over the business during the 1950s. In 1968, the company moved from the old warehouse in Almenara to a new fruit and vegetable plant in the town of La Vilavella. Over the next few years, he managed to resume exports and consolidated the company in the European market.

Some years later, after Antonio Llusar Forner’s children had joined the business, the company embarked on a new course undergoing a period of considerable growth. In October 1996, the company moved to much larger premises in Chilches, the location of its current head office, but the work centre in La Vilavella was also kept on.